Living In the Lap of Crypto Luxury With Richie Rich Coin

Finally, there’s a currency out there that incorporates my two favorite aesthetics: 1980s Saturday morning cartoons and getting rich. When I saw Richie Rich Coin ($RICH) pop up on my Twitter feed a few days ago, it caught my eye immediately. I just knew I needed to own some. At first glance it might appear to just be another throwaway Binance Smart Chain token, but the website is impressive, and aside from the shiny and polished memetic potential, Richie Rich Coin actually has a few substantive things going for it:

Passive Rewards

Apparently you can earn rewards (15% of all transactions) just for holding the coin. It isn’t clear whether it matters what wallet you’re holding the coin in, but I assume it doesn’t make a difference. In the “invest” section, the site recommends TrustWallet, so that’s the one I plan to use for the sake of simplicity.

It’s Deflationary

This is good, because the supply (1,000,000,000,000,000) is rather high. I also am not a fan of inflationary tokens, because they tend to screw the holders. With Richie Rich Coin, there’s an initial burn of 150,000,000,000,000 (15%) and a 1% burn on every transaction. Everything is set up to encourage long term holding.


They claim to have undergone a successful token audit, which was completed by Dessert Swap BSC Auditing Services. I can’t really comment on this, as I don’t have enough technical knowledge to have a credible opinion on how “air tight” such an audit is, but it’s definitely a good sign. Suffice to say, I would never invest money in a project like this (or any project really) that I could not afford to lose. That’s just common sense. The Richie Rich Coin development team is said to be based in the US and Canada.

Mobile Game

There are plans for a “Richie Rich themed mobile game” that will utilize the currency and offer ways for you to earn coins within the game. I’m not sure how they plan to circumvent any looming Richie Rich trademark issues, but I honestly don’t care. Perhaps a satirical/parody angle would be plausible. In any case, this sounds awesome, and hopefully they can get it done.

Richie Rich Coin is one of the coolest token ideas I’ve seen in recent memory. The coin appeals to childhood nostalgia, and when combined with wealth imagery, it basically sells itself. Let’s face it, most crypto traders have dreams (or in many cases delusions) of living a lifestyle like that of Richie Rich. Does this random asset have the ingredients for holders to achieve that level of luxury? That’s a question investors will have to answer for themselves (I don’t give financial advice). However, I think with a dedicated community and a focused, integrity-oriented team, Richie Rich Coin could turn out to be highly lucrative (and fun).

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