The “Futurov” is Now ($FTV)

In their own words, Futurov is a “community owned multi-media entertainment platform and end-to-end NFT hub bringing live TV, shows and financial education.” In laymen’s terms Futurov is an entertainment aggregator that produces original films, series and more. It may be the first of its kind in the blockchain realm.

Some influencers have boldly declared Futurov to be “the Netflix of crypto.” While such bombastic proclamations may be a tad premature, Futurov does have something going for it that 90% of other low cap projects on Binance Smart Chain (or any other chain really) do not: an actual working product that’s available on the Google Play store for people to use right now.

Another reason to believe Futurov is serious about their ambitions is that they use a .com domain for their main site ( is utilized for the actual platform/streams). This indicates that they are aiming to market their product to the general public, rather than cater to a niche, esoteric subculture of crypto enthusiasts and microcap investors.

It’s too early to tell whether Futurov will be successful, (nothing in this article should be considered financial advice) but it is definitely at the forefront of what’s coming. Right now there is a lot of buzz about NFTs as they pertain to digital artwork, pixel art, trading cards, limited edition collectibles, etc, but Futurov recognizes that films and TV shows are the next frontier in tokenized assets. Producers and directors will be able to earn royalties in a transparent (and perhaps even automated) fashion when their movies are released as non-fungible-tokens on the blockchain.

Holders of Futurov Governance Tokens ($FTV) have the ability to vote on what entertainment goes on (or gets taken off) the air, with everything from obscure cult classics to contemporary normie films being in play. Users of the platform can apparently earn tokens just by watching content, though I haven’t dug deeply into the nuts and bolts of how this component works. The most ambitious undertaking though is probably “Futurov Originals,” a launchpad program to literally fund upcoming creations through selected grants and community funding. That’s where the Netflix comparisons begin to make more sense. Futurov isn’t merely another video streaming or “tube” aggregation site. It’s looking to build an entertainment mini-empire on the blockchain. It will be interesting to see how this and similar endeavors play out in the coming months and years.

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