Proposed “Accountability-Based” Social Media Platform is Looking to Make WAIVs

Throughout its brief history, the culture surrounding cryptocurrency has always valued online privacy and anonymity. From privacy-oriented projects like Monero—which tout untraceability—to vpn providers like Sentinel and Orchid, that offer people a more flexible, anonymous web browsing experience. Even Litecoin has opted for a privacy upgrade, as demonstrated by their recent incorporation of MimbleWimble. So it might seem counter-intuitive that one ambitious new project, Waivlength promises to create a social media platform that enforces strict KYC (know your customer) protocols to verify the identities of its users. Waivlength aims to eliminate the more toxic aspects of social media with a framework
centered around the following guidelines:

– No duplicate accounts

– No nameless internet trolls

– No anonymous users (or networks of anonymous users) attempting to manipulate the social media discourse

A few years ago, I wouldn’t have believed it, but there actually is market for such a platform now. Most social media sites have become a garbage dump of bot networks, spam and anonymous riff raff, to the point where online discourse has become infantilized, if not completely ruined. There is a real yearning for genuine, straightforward conversations with real people.

It’s also worth noting that Waivlength’s philosophical objectives aren’t as antithetical to crypto’s conventional ethos as they might initially seem, since Waivlength prioritizes transparency, accountability and authenticity, which are also widely held values within the crypto community (and substantial segments of the general public at large).

The tokenomics for this project are not ideal, with a supply of a quadrillion tokens. What is it with BSC projects and astronomically high token supplies and deflationary gimmicks, taxes, etc? Why not just have a modest, reasonable supply of tokens and leave it at that? I don’t consider the supply to be a big issue with Waivlength. Any negatives will be potentially offset by a proposed profit sharing mechanism, which will allow WAIV token holders to earn the crypto equivalent of stock dividends, receiving a share of any income generated from the social media platform.

The biggest obstacle to Waivlength success will be getting people to join and hand over their information. People might be willing to scan their driver’s license to trade on massive, heavily regulated institutions like Coinbase or Kraken, but I’m not sure they would be eager to hand over their personal details to a small, budding social media project on Binance Smart Chain. I think that in order to succeed, Waivlength will most likely have to attract prominent financial backers and trusted spokespeople. Washed-up former child actors and YouTube celebs-turned-crypto-shillers aren’t going to cut it for something like this. I do think it’s possible. The roadmap and goals are clearly articulated. The Waivlength project site design is gorgeous. I would like to see some visual prototypes and working models of the social media platform itself. I’m sure the team is reluctant to build it until they have all their ducks in a row, but producing something tangible in any form would illustrate seriousness and separate Waivlength from the zillions of bsc vaporware projects that offer nothing but dreams. Ultimately, I support Waivlength for one simple reason: the product they’re proposing to construct is one I personally would use.

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