Navigating the Uncharted Polygon Wilderness With Polychart ($PCHART)

One of the great benefits of being an early explorer of the Matic/Polygon ecosystem is that you get a chance to discover (before everyone else) the projects and apps which will potentially become those essential tools that most users of the chain can’t live without. Just as QuickSwap has quickly established itself as the Uniswap equivalent on Polygon, a handy and efficient charting tool called Polychart performs aims to perform a role for Polygon that’s similar to what PooCoin provides for Binance Smart Chain.

I say “aims to,” but in fact the Polychart app already works and works well. I actually used it and was quite impressed by the way it was able to bring up a chart for any obscure token on the Polygon blockchain that I looked up. This includes coins that aren’t even on Coingecko yet. Not only does it show the coin’s chart but it also displays the recent transactions in seemingly real time. The way the info is displayed is much more user-friendly and convenient that if you were to try to poke around the official Polygon block explorer.

I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here though. I should first describe what Polychart is. In the project’s own words: Polychart is a “real-time price charting tool for decentralized exchanges on the Polygon (Matic). The app doesn’t cost anything to use. You don’t even have to “download” anything. It can be launched right from the browser and works on both desktop and mobile. Supposedly there will be premium features available for token ($PCHART) holders, but I haven’t looked into those yet because even in its current form, Polychart is useful for what I need it for. One notable benefit for token holder though is that they receive passive income. 1% of every transaction gets re-distributed to all $PCHART holders. So your balance will increase even while just sitting in your wallet. You can also stake PCHART on Polywoof.Finance to earn $TREAT tokens. Though I recommend doing this at your own risk, because I’m not familiar with the platform and farming on some of these sites is definitely risky business (but also exciting).

Anyway, there are a lot of up and coming projects on Polygon, but Polychart is one of the few tools that I’ve found to be genuinely useful. It’s clean and simple yet provides a comprehensive plethora of worthwhile data. The tokenomics of PCHART look pretty favorable, but I won’t try to advise you on whether or not to purchase the token. Do your own research and make up your own mind. I absolutely will recommend using the Polychart app to scope for and analyze gems though. Give it a look.

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