Sinking Our Teeth Into GemBites

I first heard about GemBites (a project which runs on Polygon/Matic) when they were offering an airdrop to Polydoge holders. I just happened to be holding some Polydoge at the time and received a whopping 1.8 GemBites tokens in my wallet one afternoon. It seems that GemBites previously planned to launch late last year but encountered some delays. However, I think the obstacles ultimately ended up being somewhat beneficial, as the project launch this time has been nothing short of impressive.

My first impression of GemBites ($GBTS) was that it had the potential to become the Polygon equivalent of FunFair Technologies. Basically, GemBites aims to build a decentralized casino and “provably fair blockchain casino.” The main difference between FunFair and and GemBites is that GemBites will be more decentralized. Also, since it is built on Polygon, it will have interoperability with other blockchains like Binance Smart Chain, Fantom and Polkadot. The contracts will also be fully open source, so that people can review the code and ensure they’re indeed getting a fair shake.

As usual, I’m not going to get into whether I think GemBites is a good investment. It’s too early to tell what would be an ideal price entry point (and I can’t give financial advice anyway). I intend to purchase some tokens for sure, but as a gamer, a gambler and all around ramblin’ man, I’m much more interested in the games themselves. GemBites’ roadmap indicates that in July they will be releasing one fully-developed game and two games for public/community testing. The games look pretty rad, too. They’re just the kind of simple, fun, and casually addictive games I could see myself playing whenever I have a few minutes/hours to spare.

I’d assume one of the first games GemBites releases will be Lucky Shot, since that game was already playable in some capacity on the previous launch. There will also be a nifty little dice game called Unity Dice, (which you can watch a preview/demo of in the video below). One of the other games that caught my eye was Zombie Standoff, where you wake up in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and have to make it to the ocean to escape. Your roll/spin determines the weapon, survival item, companion, transport, mutagen…and ultimately your chances of survival I would imagine. I can’t go without mentioning my favorite game of all though, with is an Old West-themed version of the classic Rock, Paper, Scissors.

According to the whitepaper, GemBites’ near future plans include having 7 fully decentralized games, a virtual reality casino, and an NFT marketplace/trading platform (built on Polygon OpenSea). Since Google Play and App Store apparently don’t allow crypto gambling apps to be submitted through the usual channels, GemBites plans to allow users to bypass the middlemen and download these apps directly to their phones. The games will also be made available through decentralized mobile app markets such as Aptoide, F-Droid and Humble Bundle. Interestingly, GemBites also expresses a desire to bring crypto gaming to smart watches, which would be taking things to another level.

While a lot of Polygon users are still fixated on animal farms and memecoins, it’s important to point out there are tangible products being developed on the chain. GemBites is building actual games you can play. I recommend that people take a look at GemBites and determine if they’re willing to try their luck, whether it’s with the tokens, the games or both.

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