Hesitations On Cardano

I have thought about getting into Cardano numerous times, but the unresolved wallet/deposit/withdrawal issues on exchanges have given me pause. I purchased some recently on an exchange about a month ago, and soon realized that I couldn’t withdraw the coins due to there being a “maintenance” issue. I thought it might be a glitch specific to that particular exchange, but after nearly a week or so it still didn’t resolve, so I just exchanged the coins for something else. That was a while ago, and I just checked again and deposits/withdrawals are still disabled for Cardano at the exchange in question. Cardano’s technical support forums are filled with posts about these kinds of issues, which leads me to believe the problem is on Cardano’s end.

Cardano seems like a promising project, I’m just not into buggy wallet issues and “stuck” coins that are difficult to move around. These problems seem to be more common with Cardano than with many other comparably regarded coins. One of people’s biggest fears in crypto is losing access to coins that are frozen on some defunct exchange or a broken, obsolete wallet. Cardano needs to resolve these issues, because they represent an obstacle that is potentially holding the coin back. It’s is at a pretty good price right now, and I (and others) may miss out on some big gains, but that’s just how it goes.