Brother, Can You Spare a Meme Token? There’s Always a Market for BEGGARS

Wherever you find communities of crypto traders, you’re bound to encounter beggars: those annoying, panhandling mfs that consistently flood the chat with off topic pleas like “can you help me out, bro?”, “please send me some tokens?” and “will someone buy my NFTs?” In every Discord or Telegram channel, there’s always at least one of these types. The other people in the chat are low-key always hoping the beggar will eventually get banned or give up and go away… but it rarely happens.

Let’s face it though, with crypto prices cratering deeper than a hormonal teenage fast food worker’s cystic acne, the brutality of the bear market has made beggars of us all. Mercifully, our luck may be starting to turn around, thanks to $BEGGARS, a new meme token on the Proton ($XPR) blockchain. Created by a legendary figure in the Proton community, (Blake of Proton Skulls / Community DAO), BEGGARS is a collaborative effort that rewards people for begging, making BEGGARS themed memes and spreading the word on social media about the project. There are also frequent meme contests, which offer generous crypto prizes. Most of the action takes place in the BEGGARS Telegram group, which serves as a kind of daily loitering spot or “tent city” for the BEGGARS community.

If you’re wondering how all this charity can be even remotely sustainable, the answer is pretty simple (and convincing). The rewards will decrease over the course of several “phases,” the first two of which have already been completed. The max supply of BEGGARS is capped at 1 trillion, and you can read more about the BEGGARS tokenomics in the project’s surprisingly detailed and comprehensive whitepaper.

BEGGARS can currently be traded on Alcor (not to be confused with the cryogenics company that freezes dead bodies), a nifty DEX where markets for all sorts of exotic tokens on Proton, WAX, EOS and Telos can be found. BEGGARS should not be considered an investment though, as the token’s primary stated utility is merely “to troll other people.” The rich irony here is that in the span of just a few short weeks, $BEGGARS has outperformed the entire Proton ecosystem, making it the hottest meme-coin this side of skid row! Hopefully, we’ll soon see $BEGGARS listed on ProtonSwap or score a couple of other exchange listings.

Now that begging has become fashionable, there’s no need to worry about the social stigma or shame typically associated with the practice. Relax, have fun and remember, poverty makes the greatest BEGGARS!

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