Send In the Clowns! The CIRCUS Token Comes to Proton

Pardon me, did I say “Proton?” I’m sorry, it’s actually called XPR Network now. One of the strengths of the XPR Network community has always been its chaotic cast of entertaining characters and zany personalities. Many have come and many have gone, and most have been banned from official XPR channels, while some remain to this day feuding, spamming and FUDDing away on obscure Telegram channels.

Now at long last, a Proton-based project called CIRCUS has emerged which has managed to artfully capture the atmospheric spirit of the XPR Network community. Created by a longtime member of the community who is known for his biting humor, intelligence and flashes of wit, CIRCUS is all about having fun, memes, and of course, clowns!

With a fully emitted, max supply of 100 million and zero inflation, CIRCUS may hold the kids’ meal clown crown for best tokenomics in the entire XPR ecosystem (though I will leave that to diligent researchers to decide for themselves.) The token is currently available to trade on Alcor,a popular exchange that’s been referred to as “the Candyland of DEXes” for its massive selection of obscure and exotic tokens.

NFTs also play a major role in CIRCUS, as the project is associated with popular NFT collections like Proton Clownverse Collectibles and Proton Baby Clowns, which are available on Proton’s most functional NFT marketplace, Soon.Market. Holders of NFTs may be eligible for a hodgepodge of rewards, perks and giveaways.

To quote Rozo the Clown, curator of the project’s nosepaper:

“25% of Primary Sales generated by Proton Clownverse Collectibles will be used to buy back 🎪$CIRCUS from Alcor at the lowest available market price. $CIRCUS bought back from the market will then be used to reward Proton Clown, Proton Baby Clown and Proton Clown Collectible holders at monthly Clown Parties and during random TG giveaways.”

Well, there you have it.

Do mirror mazes, memes, stale cotton candy, and AI generated clown NFTs excite you?
Are you ready for the clownverse, anon? If you’ve been taken for a ride down the crypto highway from uptown to clowntown, you’re already halfway there!

Step right up and enjoy the show!

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