Snipverse – The Social Hotspot for All Things Crypto

One of the flagship apps in the Proton ecosystem, Snipverse (previously known as “Snipcoins”) is a niche social media platform dedicated entirely to crypto. It has been around for over a year already and is still thriving. The functionality of Snipverse lives up to what one has come to expect from products built on Proton. It’s clean, simple, relatively fast, user-friendly and for the most part operates with minimal glitches. While there are plans for an app in the near future, the site works extremely well (and looks solid) on mobile browsers even in its current form.

In addition to its recent rebranding, the platform has successfully upgraded and added a number of features. Probably the most significant has been the introduction of staking. Users can now stake their SNIPS on the site for a juicy 10% APR. Another important upgrade has been the integration of Proton’s WebAuth wallet. Users’ Snipverse profiles are linked to their wallets. This minimizes profile identity confusion, helps prevent people from creating numerous fake accounts and also allows for convenient tipping.

In the Snipverse, it literally pays to be social. Posting and interacting can be a fairly lucrative experience, as users have the opportunity to earn SNIPS (the site’s native token). Typically this is achieved by contributing content (which people like) or engaging in various forms of interaction on the platform. In order to earn, one must first upgrade to either a Lite, Pro, or Adv membership. It’s not necessary to actually “pay” anything though, as membership tiers are based on the amount the user has staked. You can simply (at least as of this writing) unstake your SNIPS if you want to give up your membership tier.

One might assume that with financially incentivized participation, the substance of the discourse would suffer. In my experience this hasn’t been the case. The main reason being that Snipverse has become something of a networking hub for the Proton Community. Practically everyone who is anyone in the Proton scene has a profile on Snipverse. This makes it a great place to cross-promote NFTs and cultivate grass roots business relationships with other Proton/Metal enthusiasts. In fact, I’ve had more success selling NFTs by posting on Snipverse than by promoting them on Twitter or any other platform. I’ve also met a couple of individuals on there that I’ve gone on to collaborate with.

It’s great to see that Snipverse as a project has successfully weathered the market conditions over the past year, while over the same span of time has managed to attract a highly active, loyal, and one-of-a-kind community that continues to come back for more. If you haven’t already, consider creating a WebAuth wallet and setting up a Snipverse profile so you can get in on the action. Become a part of one of the most unique social focal points in the crypto space.

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