MetSwap – A New Decentralized Swap Service coming to Metal?

Every major blockchain has at least one standalone DEX/swap site that lets people trade tokens on that particular chain. Ethereum has Uniswap. Polygon has QuickSwap. BSC has PancakeSwap. Fantom has SpookySwap. Cardano has SundaeSwap. Avalanche has Trader Joe. Algorand has Tinyman. Heck, even Oasis has YuzuSwap.

It looks like Metal blockchain will soon have MetSwap. A couple of weeks ago, a “MetSwap” branded account appeared on Twitter and announced that the DEX would be launching at some point in the near future. The creators (who apparently wish to remain anonymous at this time) also registered the domain The domain is currently parked at Godaddy with no content, although there was initially a MetSwap “launching soon” placeholder page there.

The MetSwap Twitter account offered up some helpful instructions on how one could connect to the Metal blockchain on MetaMask. This indicates that MetSwap’s swap application (once available) will most likely be able to interface with MetaMask wallet. This isn’t surprising given that Metal Blockchain is an EVM compatible chain. At some point, we would expect obviously MetSwap to work with Metallicus’ flagship WebAuth Wallet, after Metal Blockchain has been fully integrated with WebAuth.

Some people might be wondering to themselves, “ProtonDEX already exists. Why not just use that? Wouldn’t a second DEX be overkill?” The answer is that not every token under the sun is going to be listed on ProtonDex. There is probably a listing application process a project must go through to obtain a listing there. A third party DEX/Swap application would allow people in the community to trade all kinds of obscure startup tokens, memecoins, and other random tokens of projects being built on Metal. Indeed, it might seem a tad premature to start talking about a DEX on Metal since there are very few (if any) projects and tokens even on Metal yet.

Nothing wrong with being ahead of the game though. Crypto moves fast, and clearly the MetSwap team is looking to position themselves at the forefront of what is likely to be an active new space in the Proton/Metal universe. Since not much is known about MetSwap yet or the people behind it, I recommend doing your own research (as you always should anyway). Since there is no actual MetSwap token or website yet, there is nothing anyone can do but watch and wait anyway. Thus far, I really like the brand aesthetics of MetSwap and am enthusiastically anticipating the site’s official launch.

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