Still Standing Sentinel (DPVN) – An Original DePin Project Remains Strong

It has been nearly 4 years since I first wrote about Sentinel, recognizing its promise early on (it had actually already been around a few years even back then) as an underrated project with an actual working product relative to similar, much larger and hyped (at the time) enterprises in the VPN space like Orchid ($OXT). Of course, back then Sentinel operated under the ticker of $SENT and was based on Ethereum.

A lot has happened since then, as Sentinel moved to Cosmos in 2021, established mainnet and switched to the $DVPN ticker, which was more representative of its function in the realm of decentralized VPN networks. The Sentinel project experienced quite a few ups and downs as part of its evolution. Its survival has been community driven but also owed to the strength and demand for the product itself. The proliferation of military conflicts like the war in Ukraine, increased censorship and general outages have all contributed to skyrocketing demand for the type of globally decentralized VPN networks that Sentinel facilitates. To borrow from Victor Hugo, “nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” The DePiN (decentralized physical infrastructure) narrative, which projects like Sentinel (DVPN) and Ankr (which operates a globally distributed bare metal infrastructure network) are at the center of, is a crypto narrative whose time has come.

It’s an understatement to characterize Sentinel as merely resilient though. In fact it is thriving. Over the last couple of years, it has continued to build, develop and expand to where it now boasts a massive DePin ecosystem (with its own elaborate economy that integrates the $DVPN token).

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In January of 2024, Sentinel DVPN reached an uncharted milestone, clocking in over 60,000 unique users! Not only that, but according to DVPN News on March 2nd, the highly anticipated Sentinel flagship app has entered the final stages of testing, and the app is set to formally launch within the next couple of weeks. Seems like this “private” party is actually just getting started.

The bottom line is that Sentinel is time tested, has survived multiple bear markets and remains true to the ethos of crypto with its long term dedication to privacy, decentralization and autonomy. Like the tortoise vs the hare, Sentinel has slowly established itself as one of the leading networks in the DVPN space, having outlasted and left many competitors in the dust. If there was an award for comeback project of the year in 2024, Sentinel would surely be one of the nominees.

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