Banano-rama! (BAN)

I found out about this coin because they were offering a 100k airdrop through their LBRY channel. BAN is pretty cheap, trading at about $0.0013 right now (which is actually a bit of an upswing from where it sat not too long ago). The all time high was just $.003, while the all time low was way down at $0.000089. One thing I like about this coin is that it has a very simple and convenient web wallet that only takes like a minute to set up.

What makes Banano stand out from other “fun” or meme coins is that it has a very professional website, as well as a sophisticated network of faucet sites and miners. Everything is just very well organized and legit. I really love the Donkey Kong Jr-like aesthetics and the whole tropical vibe surrounding this coin. I would rather own something like this than DOGE. While Banano doesn’t pretend to take itself too seriously, the presentation is still impressive. They have a “Yellowpaper” which is fairly comprehensive.

$BAN is available on a number of exchanges but unfortunately none of the exchanges that I currently use. I did manage to score a whopping $0.30 Banano from one of their faucets though. BAN is a good coin to consider picking up at those moments when you have a few random extra dollars leftover from a transaction. The team seems pretty active and engaged on all fronts, and Banano maintains a substantial social media presence.

Feel free to send me BAN at this address: ban_3t6opnfzhizacmhuiuftattj3zjk4gz6m4reku8skqwgn11btgqdoift3p4w