The Age of Aquariuscoin

Initially this coin caught my eye because of its ticker symbol ARCO, which —as somewhat of a mini-mart aficionado—I associated with the iconic gas station/convenience store chain familiar to most Americans. However, the ticker turned out to represent something even cooler, a coin with astrological aesthetics and an aquatic theme, both of which correlate with Aquariuscoin’s motto as a “coin for the humanitarians.” Yes, that’s right…Aqauriuscoin. In addition to the usual blockchain and digital asset oriented facets of the project, Aquariuscoin incorporates the facilitation of water sustainability systems and clean energy systems into their long term vision. This ecologically centered coin appears to capture the spirit of the aquarian age, which is linked to philanthropy, humanitarianism, and idealism.

In addition to the cutting edge “green tech” industries, Aquariuscoin should consider seeking out strategic partnerships with the astrology and new age communities. Astrology apps could accept micropayments of Aquariuscoin in exchange for natal chart readings and comprehensive daily horoscopes. Youtube is filled with popular Tarot Card readers, Witchcraft practitioners and “consciousness expanding” content creators that have massive following and who would love to get on board with this project. Anyone who ever secretly harbored a longing to return to Atlantis would have a place in their heart for Aquariuscoin, which seems like it could have been an official Altantean currency.

The chart for Aquariuscoin indicates that price of this coin is relatively volatile, revealing wild fluctuations that mirror this turbulent age. I don’t know whether or not ARCO is a good investment. It has been around for several years and has a good run every once in a while. I wouldn’t mind owning some though, mostly for abstract and spiritual reasons. Unfortunately, the coin isn’t available on very many exchanges, so purchasing takes a bit of effort and determination.

As a recent update on the website notes:

“AquariusCoin does not need to be listed on 20plus cryprocurrency exchanges that could just simply vanish in 2020. It only needs one trusted, reliable and transparent exchange that will serve the cryptocurrency ecosystem in the decade to come. We believe is the one, and we are proud to be listed on”

While I agree with the sentiment, (which is indeed a respected exchange) does not allow people from the US to trade on their site. Therefore, it seems that being listed on additional exchanges would in fact be useful, (if not completely necessary for the coin’s success). Thankfully, the coin is available on a couple of small, no-name exchanges. In fact, I think Unnamed.Exchange may have been where I recently rediscovered it, while I was browsing obscure exchanges looking for a place to successfully buy about 20 dollars worth of Mooncoin (that’s a story for another day).

Whether Aquariuscoin blasts off with the force of a water cannon, leaves investors wet at the barrel of a Super Soaker, or merely treads water for a few more years, I like it.

If you enjoyed this article, feel free to send me some ARCO.

ARCO address: AUKQaprkcFPwgRSQZBDfnVs4CvDuth9sxP