Standing Sentinel – SENT

After the parabolic run that Orchid Protocol (OXT) had last week, suddenly a lot more people are interested in decentralized VPN (often abbreviated as dVPN) providers and are kicking themselves for having missed out on the big bloom. Many of these individuals may be unaware that there is actually another player in the space. Of course, I’m talking about Sentinel (SENT). I first came across Sentinel accidentally a while back, while browsing my wallet and looking at random coins. The only reason I even initially noticed it was because I thought it had a cool logo. Yes, that’s literally the reason.

After briefly eyeballing the chart, I figured Sentinel was probably a dead coin, since it had been around for a couple of years and was trading at an all time low. Boy was I wrong. It turns out that Sentinel actually has a working product (I was able to download it from Google Play), and their website went live in February of just this year.

As far as reasons why people should use Sentinel, their website lists three main pillars of reasoning. They claim to offer military grade encryption, absolute transparency (the code is freely revealed to the public), and their network utilizes servers across the globe.

Also from their website:

“The Sentinel Network hosts open-source distributed and decentralized applications that provide users with assurance that their session information is not being logged, their communication is not being stored, and that not even the creator of the application can view any of their data.”

Curious, I lurked in Sentinel’s Telegram and Discord communities for a bit, and refreshingly, they seems to be largely free of hype or marketing jargon, at least among the actual team. Most of the discussion is related to technical development and fine tuning of the product itself. The developers seem much more interested in real world usage, improving the quality of the product, and patiently working out kinks in the code, than talking (or even caring) about the price. That might seem mundane to some, but as a cynical person, I have a natural aversion to the empty marketing buzzwords, lofty platitudes and pumping that’s associated with many coin projects.

Right now, SENT trades as an ERC-20 token. The developers have established a relationship with Cosmos though, and there are tentative plans to move to Mainnet. When/if that happens, there will be a token swap, but the timeframe has not been firmly set in stone. The fact that they appear to be working with Cosmos has caused me to look more closely into potentially purchasing ATOM tokens as well, but I’ll leave that subject for another time.

Out of all the obscure altcoins I have looked at (and there have been many) since recently getting back into crypto, Sentinel is one of the few that I consider to be genuinely promising. It’s still a pretty risky investment though at this stage, so do your own research. I bought a big bag of it and—unless something crazy happens in the meantime—plan on holding it for at least 6 months to a year. Since I own a bunch of SENT tokens, you should obviously take everything I say with a grain of salt, because I have an interest in seeing Sentinel succeed. This is actually my favorite altcoin of 2020. Try saying it out loud a few times, “SENTinel!” It just feels so formidable.

Donate SENT (now DVPN): sent1a264w3twvwq7l0xx7tlhvwnmwhw5ty2ff8ngqx