The Terrifically Epic World of Triffic

One of the main reasons I haven’t been writing about crypto as much is that I’ve been preoccupied with “physically” earning GPS tokens through an augmented reality gaming app called Triffic. Utilizing blockchain technology, Triffic operates as a childchain on the Ardor platform, (which is already a point in its favor in terms of quality). The app is available on iOS and Android.

Basically, the game involves going out into the real world and locating beacons and various power ups. Anyone familiar with similar games like Pokemon GO will immediately understand and feel right at home playing Triffic. The main difference here though is that with Triffic, instead of fighting “battles,” searching for rare Pokemon, the object is to find gold, silver, and bronze beacons, which offer various rewards in the form of the cryptocurrency, GPS. These GPS tokens can be traded on exchanges for cash and other cryptocurrencies. Note: the Triffic app is still relatively new, so there is no withdrawal feature yet, but you can (and should) accumulate GPS tokens in the meantime.

You also earn tokens just by walking around, and as you “level up,” the amount of GPS you earn while walking continually increases. The catch is that you must gain “fuel” by watching brief in-app ads in order to be able to earn. In my experience, the ads are usually well-targeted. A lot of them are for highly creative, puzzle type mobile games that I would actually download and play. Others are for dating apps, Google related stuff, etc. I never saw something advertised that I had no interest in, which is a good sign as far as competency for the app’s business model.

Triffic has already improved quite a bit from when I first began using it. They seem to have fine tuned things somewhat. In the beginning the game could be fairly treacherous. Those beacons seemed like they could appear literally anywhere. More than once I found myself maneuvering into the middle of busy intersections to obtain those coveted gold and silver beacons (hey, anything for a buck). After recent updates though, the beacon seems to appear in much more practical and safer adjacent locations. Occasionally they pop up in securely gated communities and of course I would never even think of sneaking in one of those just to retrieve a gold beacon worth 142 GPS tokens, because I am a good boy.

Anyway, I think Triffic has the potential to be big in 2021. Now is the time to get in on it though, while it’s still early. At a certain point when the game becomes popular, it may become more competitive and more difficult to earn GPS and snag these beacons. Who knows if in six months the rewards will be as generous as what they are now? Like everything crypto-related. timing is everything. Just as importantly though, the game is genuinely fun and gives an otherwise mundane exercise routine an added sense of adventure and purpose.

If you enjoyed this article feel free to send me some GPS or ARDR