There’s a New Oracle in Town – Say Hello to April

One of the methods I use to locate new and interesting projects is to browse the “recently added” section of Coingecko and simply look at every single coin. A holdover tactic from when I used to research expiring domain names in the early 2000s, this is basically referred to as the “eyeball technique,” which involves visually scanning through long lists of junk in the hope of uncovering potential gems. One project that popped up on Coingecko recently and caught my eye was April Oracle, which boldly describes itself as “an ultra fast blockchain oracle focused on the emerging internet of blockchain world.”

Ever since the success of Ethereum-based coins like Chainlink and Tellor, there have been a number of projects vying for the position of being “the Chainlink of Binance Smart Chain.” One such project,Berry Data, (which I plan to feature in another article) has already experienced a meteoric rise and subsequent dip. For those who missed out on that action, April Oracle is has arrived on the scene. It is brand new and could be an attractive option.

Though the website has a minimalist design, April Oracle does have a comprehensive whitepaper and realistic roadmap. As of yesterday, the April Explorer V1 (Alpha) is already live. For now it only contains BTC and ETH datafeeds, but it at least demonstrates that there is active development taking place. April launched their IDO on Unicrypt and have successfully passed a number of audits. April is currently listed on Bilaxy and is also available on PancakeSwap. Keep in mind though, none of this is financial advice, and new coins should always be considered a risk, (as should any other crypto investment, really).

It’s worth mentioning that April has been offering some generous weekly airdrops to early holders. These will continue into June. The airdrops are tiered and based on how many tokens you hold. I recommend checking out the April telegram for more details on the specific snapshot dates, times and how to qualify.

While the cryptosphere is in its current volatile state, and a lot people’s attention is focused on the (seemingly limitless) array of goofy “meme coins” being created every day, now is a time to scope for actual projects like April, before they start showing up everyone’s radar. Like the old saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers,” it will be interesting to see how things develop from here and what the springtime vibes of April Oracle blossom into this summer.

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