Looking a Gift Horse In the Mouth ($GIFT)

Yesterday, a few friends and I were in a comically chaotic Telegram community for a project (I won’t mention the name of it here) which seems to have imploded, and we started talking about which projects we should move our coins to, since we all concluded it was high time to exit. I initially had planned to move my holdings over to HotCross, a “multi-chain tool suite” that I will talk about some other time. Then one of my trusted acquaintances in the chat suggested something called GIFT. After some brief research, I ended up going with that instead.

What is GIFT?

To put it quite simply, it’s a platform (built on Binance Smart Chain) that allows people to gift cryptocurrency to others in a convenient and consumer-friendly fashion. It’s designed in such a way that you can easily send crypto to friends and family even if they don’t have a wallet or understand anything about how cryptocurrency works. The recipient gets an email with instructions and a code to redeem their GIFT tokens. Pretty simple. There’s also an “academy” where people can learn the basic fundamentals of cryptocurrency usage, terminology and trading.

Every facet of the project appears aimed at bridging the social and technical divide between crypto enthusiasts and “traditional” online shoppers. Everyone knows that when cryptocurrency becomes substantially integrated into the everyday retail shopping experience, it is game on. Projects like GIFT bring us one step closer to that reality. If I have one minor quibble with GIFT, it’s that I wish they used a better domain name. A hyphenated .org domain (gift-coin.org) is difficult to make work for word of mouth advertising, especially when the non-hyphenated version redirects to a different blockchain oriented site. The kind of normie consumers (who aren’t particularly internet savvy) GIFT wants to attract might get easily confused when they type in the wrong address.

I hadn’t been familiar with GIFT before yesterday, but in what appears to be a strange coincidence, it just so happens they have a partnership with CryptoCart, a project which I wrote an article about a week ago. Somehow I must have missed that juicy tidbit.

The partnership is good news for those of us who are optimistic about CryptoCart, because GIFT offers us another angle to get in on the action. Not only do these projects pair well together from a product offering standpoint, but both of them have highly competent and civilized communities, so they will likely complement one another as this “mini shopping empire” works to establish a beachhead in the cutthroat world of online retail.

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