In the LIMElight: iMe Platform Provides a “Juiced Up” Experience For Telegram Users

In true Pavlovian fashion, I always salivate a bit when I see a low cap project with an actual working app, especially when one considers that many billion dollar market cap projects have no product of any kind to speak of. So it is with some savory enthusiasm that I’m going to talk about iMe Platform, a messenger and crypto wallet that is powered by the Telegram API. iMe Platform has a no-nonsense website that gets right down to biz and directs users where to download the app (which is already conveniently available on the iPhone App Store and Google Play).

You can start using iMe almost immediately, as it’s ultra simple to set up and basically synchronizes/imports everything from your pre-existing Telegram profile. The info is still stored on Telegram’s servers, so you won’t need to worry about your data being compromised by the platform itself. Though iMe makes use of Telegram’s open source code, it has added features and a more comprehensive functionality. The notifications are much more well organized, and the folder system is improved as well. One of the niftiest features is a translator, that allows you easily translate messages in the chat. So now when random accounts are talking trash about you (or are merely sharing very important insights about a topic) in Russian or Hindi, you will be able to find out what they’re saying with the click of a button.

Probably the most groundbreaking component of iMe is the incorporation of artificial intelligence “neurobots” into its chat ecosystem. In a very informative and detailed interview with TotalKrypto, iMe’s Co-founder and CBDO, Alex Borutskiy sheds some lights on what these neurobots actually are and what there function is:

Neurobots represent personal assistants in chats, offering variants of replies to incoming messages to users. They represent phrases, GIFs, and stickers that are associated with a certain movie or cartoon character, brand, real person, and so on. They are trained on neural networks to define chat topics and provide relevant answers. Neurobots simply help to send quick pre-readied replies that fit the topic of a conversation.

These bots can be purchased directly from the iMe Neurobot store. At some point, users will be able to design, sell and advertise their own neurobots. Pretty cool.

iMe has a built-in wallet and internal points system (which allows people to earn AiCoin points). As of now, people can’t trade AiCoin for actual cryptocurrencies. It’s just used internally, though that may change in the future. (iMe’s actual cryptocurrency is the recently launched LIME token, which runs on Ethereum.) iMe soon plans to have Binance Smart Chain and Polkadot integration. The iMe crypto wallet allows you to retain full control over your private keys and funds, like you would expect. The iME team appears to be moving rapidly with development, so keep your eyes peeled because the wallet’s features seem to be constantly expanding. There are updates galore, and this article almost feels obsolete even as I’m writing it.

Overall, I’m very impressed with the iMe wallet and messenger. The team really seems to have put a lot of work into building something advanced, even if it is based on an existing product. There’s genuine innovation and creativity here, and clearly this isn’t something that was just thrown together as as excuse to hype a token. If iMe keeps pace with its ambitious roadmap, this app will continue to grow in popularity, and LIME holders may be able to enjoy the fruits of the team’s labor.

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