PolyShiba, the Pup That Was Adopted

Several months ago when Polygon/MATIC began really hitting its stride, and new tokens were popping up on the network left and right, someone randomly added me to a “PolyShiba” group on Telegram. Mildly annoyed, I assumed it was just another dime-a-dozen scam coin and ignored it. However, I never removed the group from my Telegram.

Out of curiosity, I decided to revisit this project a couple weeks ago, and shockingly, PolyShiba is thriving (it has achieved an 800% increase in price in the past 30 days) and still has an active community. Apparently, the coin actually was pretty much abandoned for a period of time during the China FUD/Elon driven market downturn over the summer. During the mini bear market, a lot of the original holders disappeared, but apparently there was an individual (who goes by “Dalgano”) who carried the torch and was the sole “pulse of the party” in keeping the channel and community alive.

In October, 2021, Polyshiba began to experience a resurgence in interest with the success of Shiba Inu and—more recently—PolyDoge (which shocked the altcoin world when it managed score a listing on OKEX). What’s unique about PolyShiba is that it’s truly a community coin. There is no contract owner. The coin can’t be burned. Taxes can’t be modified. Liquidity can’t be migrated to a newer, updated version. The people involved are only there because they genuinely want to be part of the community and see the project be successful. They’ve essentially adopted PolyShiba and given it a good home.

The community has been focused on selling NFTs to raise money for marketing. One of the more notable moves the PolyShiba team has made has been to switch from OpenSea to NFTrade. The primary reason for this change was that—since PolyShiba runs on Polygon—the “team” felt that they wanted to promote the Polygon system as a whole, which in turn benefits all projects on the network. Another issue with OpenSea is that Polygon wrappped Eth is used for payment rather than Matic itself. You can peruse a sampling of PolyShiba’s reasonably priced collection of available NFTs here. It is interesting actually that they’re selling art because the aesthetics of PolyShiba were what I was initially drawn by when I first became aware of this coin. I just found them to be more appealing than those of similar canine/feline/mammalian themed meme coins.

Polyshiba has a multiphase roadmap on their site with some lofty, yet highly achievable goals. The community’s motto is “Make Goals Not Promises.” A genuine underdog, this coin has already outlasted and outperformed so many early 2021 created projects in the crypto space. If everyone in the PolyShiba community continues to make an effort, the experience could turn out to be a rewarding treat for all involved.

For more info:

Website: https://polyshiba.app/
Telegram: https://t.me/PolyShiba
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PolyShibaCoin

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