Freshening Up the NFT Space With Proton Mint

One of the more promising layer 1 blockchains to rapidly emerge from obscurity has been Proton (XPR). Describing itself as “the payment blockchain,” Proton seems to place a heavy emphasis on speed, efficiency, and the ability to support high transaction volumes. Unlike with many other projects, Proton’s actual products are consistent with their branding and stated focus. Everything on Proton is built with streamlining in mind. Applications like ProtonLoan and ProtonSwap are sleek, dynamic, professional and have a general no-nonsense feel to them.

Their NFT marketplace, Proton Mint is no exception, with its ultra clean interface and minimalist layout. I’ve witnessed some pretty janky NFT marketplaces and “minting factories” during my online travels, but there’s nothing that struck me as even remotely buggy or off-putting about Proton Mint. It offers a refreshingly painless user experience and is overall just a very impressive looking site. While I haven’t taken a deep dive into the tokenomics, value or the fundamental health of Proton itself, its apps (both in quality and appearance) convey the impression that the project is deadly serious about becoming one of the dominant players in the crypto space.

According to the ProtonMint site:

Proton Mint is the largest and most active NFT marketplace on the Proton blockchain. Through ProtonMint, anybody can easily and quickly create, mint, and sell NFTs at a fraction of the cost of other NFT platforms. Proton Mint also provides feeless NFT transfers.

a cyclops baghead

Probably my favorite NFT series on Proton Mint is Bagheads, a collection of pixelated, punk-like figures with (yep, you guessed it) bags over their heads. A few of them could probably even double as mailboxes or pez dispensers. There’s a surprising amount of variety and creativity for what might seem on the surface as a fairly generic concept. Bagheads are quite popular as well in fact. As of this writing there have been 536 of those bad boys sold and Bagheads have done about 90k in trading volume. I wish that more of them had concrete asking prices/ “Buy it Now” options. I’m not really a fan of playing the “make offer” game when purchasing NFTs, as the back and forth can go on for weeks or months. You often have no idea how much the seller expects to get for their NFT, and ultimately you both can end up wasting each other’s time.

Creating and listing NFTs on Proton Mint is simple and straightforward. It should be easy enough to figure out. You basically just connect your Proton Wallet (which is free and available on iOS and Android), and go from there. They also have a nifty little instruction video to walk you through the process.

a reptilian baghead

There are no gas fees, and the minting costs are typically only a few cents. Prices are listed in XUSDC stablecoins, and transactions are instantaneous.  Those who want their NFT collections to be whitelisted and receive more exposure on the platform can purchase and burn MINT tokens. These also unlock the ability for creators to conduct auctions for their NFTS on ProtonMint.

As far as NFT Marketplaces go, Proton Mint offers an exceptional user experience and is one of the most headache-free crypto sites I’ve ever visited. The functionality is intuitive and logical, but perhaps most importantly, features actually work properly. Of course, there are also a lot of high quality NFTs there, and they could be yours pronto if you zip on over to Proton Mint with a fresh, shiny stack of XPR.

When it comes to Proton, developments are moving at a brisk pace, and there’s almost always something new heading out of the gate. I only recently obtained a small bag myself and have a lot of catching up to do.

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