Prefab DeFi! Ankr’s New Tool Kits Allow Projects to Easily Integrate Staking Infrastructure

It seems like every week Ankr is releasing some tantalizing new kit to make blockchain development more streamlined and accessible for builders. As time goes on, it’s becoming more and more apparent to observers that what Ankr is doing for blockchain in Web3 is the equivalent of what pioneering providers like Shopify and Google achieved for Web2: essentially providing turnkey solutions for businesses and enterprising individuals that were previously only available to large institutions with massive budgets. By offering premium development and analytical tools to blockchain projects, Ankr has ensured that builders who yearn to enter this space will no longer need to start from square one.

Among Ankr’s most groundbreaking SDKs (software development kits) are their recently released “staking toolkits.” The ability for users to stake tokens has long been available in the general sense, but the game-changing differentiator here is that Ankr is providing kits that allow projects to offer staking and yield farming to their respective users. Basically, how it works is that the toolkit links up with Ankr’s staking platform, which delegates tokens to validators. Stakers claim rewards in the form of “Liquid Staking” tokens. (You can read more about Liquid Staking here.)
In exchange for providing the SDKs, Ankr naturally gets a portion of the staking fees. Supposedly, the staking revenue that comes to Ankr staking will be partially split with stakers of the Ankr token itself. The (highly anticipated) availability of staking for Ankr’s native token was in fact just announced yesterday and is part of the rollout of “Ankr 2.0.”

Initially, the SDKs will be limited to Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Avalanche and Fantom blockchains, but I would expect that availability will be expanded to other chains soon. All of this is consistent with Ankr’s fundamental commitment to a multi-chain world. By establishing itself as one of developers’ primary sources for “blockchain essentials,” Ankr is solidifying its role as one of the integral architects of that inevitable reality.

Disclosures: The author is a member of the ANKR Ambassador program