Once a Community Dream, ANKR Token Staking is Now a Reality

There’s a lot to be excited about regarding the Web3 developments Ankr is undertaking as part of what has been termed Ankr 2.0. The network is becoming increasingly decentralized. Ankr’s pay-as-you-go service model is being updated. There were the recent launches of Ankr App Chains, Ankr Gaming SDKs, Ankr Grants, multi-chain liquid staking….the list goes on. Reportedly, Ankr DAO is coming down the pike soon as well.

One highly anticipated, componential conception of ankr 2.0 that has just become a reality is ANKR token staking. That’s right. It’s been a long time in the works, but holders can now stake their ANKR tokens. The community has been clamoring for this, and the team has delivered.

What are the benefits of ANKR staking? Well, at the macro level, staking aids the operational functionality of node providers on the network (which applications which depend on blockchain access) and thus serves a useful role in keeping the trains running and the grid flowing. As far as token holders go though, the most practical appeal of staking is the ability to earn. As of this writing, Ankr token stakers can receive 9% APY (which is a pretty generous return in my opinion). Another notable benefit to ANKR token staking is that stakers will have the ability to participate in the Ankr DAO, where they will be able to vote on decisions which affect the ANKR network. Most of the readers of this site are advanced enough to figure out how to connect their wallets and stake their ANKR tokens. However, for those who need assistance, Ankr has put together a convenient step-by-step tutorial here.

Ankr’s action-oriented, substantive and no-nonsense approach to development continues to set it apart from other crypto projects. Drama-free and always focused on the business at hand, Ankr is out quality applications like clockwork. There’s no fluff here, just solid rollouts of actual products. One by one, the pieces of ankr 2.0 are falling into place.

Disclosures: The author is a member of the ANKR Ambassador program