The Buck Starts Here – WebAuth Wallet Holds the Key to Proton’s Ecosystem Growth

In terms of user-experience, Proton’s WebAuth wallet is bar none the best wallet I’ve ever used in crypto. It’s lightning fast, efficient and almost totally bug free. The only other wallet (out of the many I experimented with) that’s comparably impressive is Algorand’s Pera Wallet. These days, I find myself using old standbys like MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Coinomi and Atomic Wallet less and less. I only begrudgingly employ them when doing so is required for specific currencies, platforms or associated applications. They are riddled with annoying bugs that sometimes are harmless but occasionally creep up and the most inopportune times. On more than one occasion, I’ve lost thousands of dollars because a trade confirmation prompt wouldn’t pop up in MetaMask. I would end up having to redo the swap on Uniswap multiple times, and just when I would finally manage to successfully receive the confirmation prompt on Metamask, the price of the token I was trading had already dumped.

As for WebAuth, it has the usual necessary features you’d expect from an advanced Web3 wallet:

  • Multi-account support
  • Buy, sell, swap, send, and receive cryptocurrency
  • Stake cryptocurrency
  • Multi-chain support

The difference is it performs these functions in a user-friendly and hassle free manner. A lot of crypto utilities (not just wallets) are set up in ways that are illogical and the developers have bizarre, psychologically bankrupt assumptions about how humans expect things to work. For example, I once used a wallet that didn’t even have “send” and “receive” buttons. It seems like the most obvious truism, but if your wallet is so creatively convoluted that it takes someone hours just to figure out how to send some coins, you’ve lost the plot. With WebAuth, the controls are very intuitive, and the process of locating and operating common everyday features doesn’t devolve into some elaborate brain teaser exercise.

There’s another important facet to the WebAuth wallet that distinguishes it from other wallets and in fact makes it more than a mere wallet. WebAuth utilizes Proton’s decentralized identity (DeID) framework. This means that it can be used for things like identity verification, device authentication, etc. In the long term, decentralized identity attestation will most likely be incorporated into Web3 banking and payment processing . That’s where things are headed, and Proton is right at the forefront of that frontier. “DeID” will also have other important uses though. , a pioneering new decentralized careers and talent network, is employing this technology in the areas of job seeking, talent recruitment and verification.

Of course, whether we’re talking about, ProtonLoan, ProtonMint or a host of others, to be able to interact with applications in the Proton ecosystem, one needs the wallet. Sometimes this can present an obstacle when attempting to sell NFTs or bring people into the broader Proton community of holders. A lot of times individuals will be interested in purchasing a Proton-based NFT or even potentially in minting their own collection, but when they learn they have to download and setup a new wallet, etc…they are too lazy or find it’s too much of a hassle (even as uncomplicated as it is) for them, especially if they are normies who are intimidated by the perceived complexity of most crypto-related tasks.

Just as it is vital to entice people to Proton with fun applications, games, art and what have you, it’s critical to get as many people as possible to download, install and set up the WebAuth wallet. Everything else follows. The old phrase “a rising tide lifts all boats” comes to mind. More WebAuth wallets = more NFT sales, more application adoption, more users, more partnerships, more projects, etc. Everyone in the Metal/Proton community should do as much as they can to facilitate WebAuth wallet adoption. The cool thing is, it really is a top-tier wallet, so anyone who actually installs it will immediately be impressed and eager to put it to good use.

Download the WebAuth wallet now:


* The WebAuth wallet is a product of Metallicus and Proton.

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