WAX Cloud Wallet Fills a Consumer-Friendly Void in the NFT Space

It might seem like ancient history, but there was a time not so long ago (in the early 1990s) when activities like browsing the internet and sending an email required levels of technical knowledge that rendered them too impractical, intimidating and cumbersome for most people to engage in. In those days, internet usage was largely limited to old school computer programmers, child prodigies and advanced IT professionals. Then, along came companies like AOL, which made accessing and “surfing” the internet as easy as inserting a CD-ROM and clicking a button. Further developments like web-based email transformed the once-novel medium of email into a simple and efficient method of communication, paving the way for mainstream adoption.

Fast forward 25 years, and WAX Cloud Wallet has brought this same level of consumer-friendly convenience to the complex world of cryptocurrency and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). The process of setting up most crypto wallets involves navigating a labyrinthian maze of app downloads, buggy software installations and confusing technical jargon. With Wax Cloud Wallet, users can create an account in merely two clicks by signing up through Google, Facebook, Reddit, or numerous other familiar platforms. While many wallets are only accessible from the device they were specifically installed on, Wax Cloud Wallet can be accessed from anywhere. One only needs an internet connection. As the name implies, it’s in the cloud.

Also worth noting is that this refreshing degree of convenience is achieved without sacrificing robust security standards. WAX manages customers’ private keys, so users don’t have to worry about them being compromised in phishing attacks or personal hacks. (However, users can still choose to manage their own private keys, if that is their preference.) For people who desire an extra layer of security, options like two-factor authentication are available.

Wax Cloud Wallet acts as more than just a token storage vessel though. It’s a one-stop-shop for everything that resides within the WAX ecosystem. There’s no need to visit obscure exchanges and shuffle money around. One can purchase WAX tokens with a credit card directly from the wallet itself. They also have the ability to instantly connect to dozens of dAPPS and NFT marketplaces, where they can obtain high quality collectibles from brands like Atari, Topps and countless others. The transactions themselves are inexpensive and fast. There aren’t astronomical “gas fees” to reckon with like one experiences with Ethereum and other chains.

The consumer-friendly framework of Wax Cloud Wallet also makes the platform appealing to developers, who —by partnering with WAX—can make their dAPPS available to billions of mainstream users, rather than be restricted to catering to a niche market of tech-savvy, blockchain enthusiasts.

Consumer interest in NFTs is near an all-time high, but the willingness to dive in is tempered by the steep technical learning curve. Indeed, if one feels inclined to purchase physical art, they can simply visit their local gallery and make an offer on the piece that best appeals to their aesthetic sensibilities. For those who enjoy collecting trading cards, doing so can be as easy as walking into 7-Eleven and snapping up a few packs of Garbage Pail Kids. Why should the process of buying and storing NFTs be any more complicated? Wax Cloud Wallet’s full-featured, streamlined innovations have effectively addressed this problem and are bringing real world practicality to the NFT space.

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