YooShi’s Island

Fundamentals aside, every once in a while you stumble onto a token that’s just too cute to pass up. Yooshi, which runs on Binance Smart Chain, is such a token. More than a mere “meme coin,” YooShi plays host to its own unique metaverse of fun and functionality. YooShi is fairly new project, but already it boasts a massive community, consisting of over 216,000 token holders and over 100,000 Telegram members.

The token itself wasn’t just thrown together for laughs either. It has a number of currently active and tentatively upcoming use cases. YooShi offer something called “NFT Yield Farming” which (as the name implies) allows NFTs to be used in DeFi yield farming. Rather than having your NFTs collecting e-dust on an e-shelf, they can actually be used for earning. This can potentially increase their value as well. If you act fast, you can even purchase YooShi NFTs for a limited time and start “using” them.

An upcoming feature of the YooShi ecosystem is “GameFi: Play to Earn,” which blends gaming entertainment with investment. It’s not the first time crypto has been integrated with gaming, but it’s great to see this trend continuing. It’s also very fitting in this particular instance, since YooShi was inspired by the character Yoshi from the Super Mario games.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of YooShi is its contribution to resurrection biology. With people like Elon Musk wanting to bring back the dinosaurs through cloning, YooShi has an address that can be donated to in order to support the cause. So if you’re like me and want to see creatures like the woolly mammoth and saber-toothed tiger roam the Earth again, investing in YooShi could help bring that prehistoric dream one step closer to reality.

While it’s true there are dozens of meme coins being created every day, most have zero development or vision and will quickly go extinct. The ones like YooShi, which have actual development and tangible goals, easily stand out as projects that can evolve into something greater.

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