Do You Believe in NFTMagic?

For a while now, I’ve been meaning to get away from minting NFTs on Ethereum and start trying my hand with some other blockchains. After perusing a number of options, I ultimately decided to go with Ardor’s NFT marketplace, NFTMagic. Though there’s less hype surrounding Ardor than other prominent chains like Polkadot, Zilliqa, and Cosmos…Ardor has always been associated with high quality, substantive output that’s virtually free of bugs. As I’ve come to expect with Ardor products, everything about the NFTMagic site is clean, compact and top of the line. In terms of interface, navigation, functionality, the general aesthetic it’s probably my favorite of all the NFT marketplaces I’ve looked at. Seriously, the site is so sleek,fresh and pristine that I would be embarrassed to upload art to it that didn’t live up to a high standard.

You won’t find a pile of 8-bit bricks and other junk on NFTMagic. There are some truly magnificent pieces from artists like Bea Sarrias. For those who prefer avant garde collectibles, there’s the adorable “Frenchie” series, which features digital renditions of French bulldogs, each with its own distinctive theme.

All NFT transactions are efficiently conducted through the new SIGBRO wallet app (available on iPhone and Android), which is functionally shaping up to be Ardor’s equivalent of Metamask (though much less buggy and error prone in my opinion).
One related aspect of NFTMagic that might also be worth mentioning is that it utilizes Ignis and Bitswift for payments, offering a genuine use case for these classic Ardor child chains.

From an artist’s perspective, there are good reasons to experiment with minting NFTs on other chains right now: one of them being that their marketplace sites are not yet as saturated as Ethereum-centric platforms like OpenSea. There are less numbers of users on these budding new marketplaces obviously, but the upside is that for an artist…it’s also easier to stand out, gain visibility and establish a foothold. Not to mention, the gas fees are almost nonexistent compared to Ethereum. When I was minting NFTs on Rarible and OpenSea it was costing me about $50-100 in gas for each piece of artwork, whereas it set me back less than $1 worth of IGNIS to mint an NFT on NFTmagic. I would love to see this platform grow in popularity. Though it’s still relatively brand new, NFTMagic has all the necessary ingredients to emerge as one of the preeminent NFT marketplaces in the space.

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