Mid-Century Modern Inspired NFT Collection “Mod Commodities” Launches Exclusively on Proton ($XPR)

Phoenix-based artist and poet Brandon Adamson is in the process of launching a new NFT collection called “Mod Commodities” on Proton’s NFT platform, Proton Mint. Currently, the easiest way to obtain Proton (XPR) is probably through the exchange, Kucoin. This particular NFT series consists of unique, mid-century modern inspired pieces of artwork. These one of a kind originals were created to resemble the kinds of paintings which were commonly displayed in offices, museums, living rooms, waiting rooms and hotel lobbies from the 1950s to the 1980s.

Some of the works include a number in the title, which signifies a year that corresponds to the mood of the piece. This is not necessarily intended to indicate which year a piece like this would have been created but may be related to when it would be viewed in a particular setting. For example, the modernist cityscape Globeview 82 has a design style resembling that of a 1950s advertisement or museum piece, yet such a work might also have appeared as a framed print in a travel agency, airport or corporate office in the early 1980s.

“I pay close attention to the paintings in the background while I’m watching old tv shows, cartoons and movies from the 60s, 70s, and early 80s, and it has always been my goal to create artwork that would have fit right in with the decor of those time periods. I’m not even talking about the most iconic works, just ordinary stuff you would see hanging in a psychiatrist’s office or some family’s den.”

Like a lot of abstract or modern art collections, Mod Commodities might seem to have a pretentious or pseudo-intellectual quality to it. However, these pieces are initially being listed with refreshingly modest (by NFT standards) price tags. This is mainly due to the fact that the price of Proton has the potential (disclaimer: not financial advice) to exponentially rise in the future. So if an NFT is listed for 5000 XPR (the equivalent of around $41 as of this writing) it’s done so with the assumption that in the future, one XPR might be worth a dollar or more, at which point the proceeds from the sale could be worth over $5000.

Why Proton? (XPR)

Brandon said he selected Proton to mint this collection after carefully considering many different chains:

“The minting fees are practically nonexistent, but more importantly Proton offers one of the more painless and user-friendly experiences. Their apps and tools are all intuitive and extremely well made. With other blockchains (I won’t say which ones), you constantly hit technical snags and bugs just trying to use basic wallet features and conduct the simplest transactions. Proton’s platforms are efficient and are designed to work in ways an ordinary user would understand and expect them to. Proton also has some of the best customer service in crypto. That may not be saying much, but when I ran into an issue, I emailed support and a real, sentient and competent human being responded promptly and helped me resolve the problem. I didn’t have to hunt down some random account on Discord, yell at people in a Telegram group or wait multiple business days for someone to get back to me with a useless ‘solution.’ Proton also has a very robust community. There’s a lot of energy and enthusiasm there, which is really encouraging.”

Mod Commodities is already live on ProtonMint with around 12 initial pieces. New NFTs will be added on an ongoing basis as they are completed. For added exposure, works from this collection are also being displayed/linked by the NFT gallery site, ArtworkDealer.com.

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