Snipcoins – A Snappy New Social Platform For All Things Crypto

Continuing on my unprompted, unlikely odyssey into Proton’s budding young ecosystem, I stumbled onto a nifty social media platform called Snipcoins ($SNIPS). Founded by Jervis Dent, an experienced web developer from Orlando, FL, Snipcoins describes itself as “a place where NFT and crypto enthusiasts can connect, share, engage, trade and learn from each other.” More specifically, Snipcoins aims to be an “all-in-one social media hub” that facilitates “crypto, NFT and blockchain project community building.” Feel free to peruse the whitepaper for a more comprehensive dive into the project’s plans, motivations and long term goals. I decided to check out Snipcoins for myself, assuming that since it was relatively new, the site would almost certainly be a ghost town. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that there is in fact already a fairly active community of real users and plenty of crypto-related discussions taking place.

Participating as an early adopter on Snipcoins can be a rewarding experience both figuratively and literally, as users have the opportunity to earn SNIPS (the site’s native token) by contributing content or engaging in various forms of interaction on the platform. I haven’t quite decoded and cataloged the full range of actions which trigger SNIPS to be awarded, but let’s just say that at this golden stage the developers are still in a rather generous frame of mind. In fact, I hold a small amount of SNIPS that I obtained just by joining, making a couple of posts and reacting to other people’s content. You might think that with all this incentivized participation, the substance of the discourse would be pretty lacking. That isn’t the case though. The site’s users are thoroughly committed to fostering a genuine, laid back and high level cryptocurrency discussion space, and Snipcoins is quickly establishing itself as the social nucleus of the Protonsphere (and slightly beyond).

In terms of ecosystemic “brand” consistency, Snipcoins provides an experience that’s very much in step with what I’ve come to expect from a Proton-based product/project, with its hassle-free functionality, simple design and user friendly interface. While there are plans for an app in the near future, the site works extremely well (and looks terrific) on mobile browsers even in its current form.

I’ll be the first to admit that I love being on Twitter all day, but sometimes you want to take a break from arguing about international politics, trashy celeb gossip, and acting as cancellation cannon fodder in the neverending culture wars. Yes, sometimes you just need to focus on cryptocurrency or indulge in some other esoteric subject. In such instances, it can be refreshing to retreat to a more niche platform, a kind of epic, crypto treefort where you can communicate and strategize with people whom you share this common interest/obsession, minus all the noise and distractions. Since the early days of the web, forums have typically provided this function in a limited capacity. By combining modern social media features with blockchain functionality and a mechanism for users to share in the monetary spoils, Snipcoins is propelling community building into Web3 territory, all while maintaining the timeless, “grassroots internet” spirit of casual, entrepreneurial and neurotribal discussions among unique strangers from all over the world.

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