Best in Show – A Brief Look at “PANTZO TopDog Finest,” a New NFT Collection on Proton

Created by two friends with contrasting styles and tastes, Pantzo TopDog Finest is a new NFT series minted on Proton (XPR). It’s described by its makers as “a handmade collection of unique, surreal 2D creatures that change the visual scene and affect the NFT space.” The Pantzos have a cool, strikingly colorful and casual appearance. Currently there are 23 of them available, but the collection is expected to grow to 444+ as new Pantzos are continuously minted.

PANTZO Top Dog Finest #191

Many of these NFTs are initially being listed at a (quite reasonable) price of 44 XUSDC. I’m not sure what the significance of the number 44 is in the collection, but traditionally the number 44 symbolizes things like hard work, positive energy, and achieving one’s goals. Indeed, you can tell a lot of thought and effort went into crafting these NFTs. Each Pantzo is distinctive in color scheme, design and tone. The designs range from pop art styles and retro comic book aesthetics to more distinguished, avant garde motifs. The bright colors really pop nicely and are easy on the eyes.

My personal favorite NFTs in the collection are Pantzos #6 and #191, for their artistic uniqueness (especially in the case of #6) and background design (#191). One of the most important qualities of this collection is way in which every Pantzo has its own personality (or Pantzonality if you prefer). In a way, browsing this NFT collection is like shopping for a real dog. You basically look and until you see the one that fits your vibe and would make a welcome companion.

PANTZO Top Dog Finest #6

If you thought that this was just another dime-a-dozen dog-themed NFT series, you’d be mistaken. In addition to being fun and pleasant to look at, PANTZO TopDog Finest NFTs is actually a sophisticated, elaborate project. Would you believe this is practically a full on canine civilization, complete with its own semi-advanced economy? Seriously, you’d almost have to take a community college course to get a full grasp of the PANTZOnomics involved with holding one of these bad (good) boys, but all you really have to know is that there are lucrative perks, and the experience offers the potential to be financially rewarding.

For example: The Pantzo holder program features opportunities for passive income, free airdrops, DAO access, games, services, clothing, etc. PANTZO TopDog Finest even has its own hedge fund. If you’re interested in a more detailed breakdown of these juicy tidbits, I recommend reading the project’s Roadmap documentation, which lays everything out clearly. You should always do your own research before buying though. I personally purchase NFTs mainly for the art, vibe, or collectible value and view anything extra as a mere bonus treat.

According to its creators, Pantzo was born at night and inspired by a singular vibe of two friends and their daily lifestyles. PANTZO TopDog Finest is one of the most ambitious new NFT projects on Proton. It’s also pretty neat, and I highly suggest checking it out for yourself.

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