Of Cosmic Proportions – All Eyes On Jupiter as it Makes its Move

Precarious market conditions in the crypto space have apparently not deterred Jupiter from pursuing its gargantuan ambitions, as the project continues pushing forward. For instance, after working patiently all these years, they appear to have finally secured the exchange listing equivalent of the golden fleece. That’s right, Jupiter is set to be listed on Coinbase. This will inevibably make a lot of people aware of Jupiter and its numerous dApps who were not aware of that previously. That means more potential users for Leda (Jupiter’s inhouse NFT marketplace) and Metis (Jupiter’s flagship decentralized chat app). Prior to Coinbase, Kucoin had been the most prominent exchange Jupiter was traded on.

It might be hard to believe, but there is actually bigger news than the potential exchange listing. Jupiter recently announced it would be moving its MAINNET (which was launched way back in 2017) to a “Cosmos-based clone.” This is an excellent decision. While the current Jelurida/NXT associated code works just fine for Jupiter’s current blockchain needs, the move will increase cross-chain compatibility and position Jupiter to be a leading player on the Web3 (Web4?) stage. Not only will this allow for technological improvements to many of Jupiter’s products, the connection to the Cosmos ecosystem will create opportunities for all sorts of new friendships, shared interests and collaborative efforts with other projects. After working through a couple of unlucky setbacks earlier in the year, you’ve gotta hand it to Sigwo and the team for delivering the goods, and expanding Jupiter’s reach into more fruitful territory.

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