The Beepboys Are Back in Town!

I randomly stumbled onto an Algorand-based NFT collection called “Beepboy,” which caught my eye immediately, as it appears to be an aesthetically inspired homage to the classic handheld Game Boy device. As an eternal and prototypical 80’s kid, I have fond memories of Game Boys even though I never actually owned one (I only had the early NES console which included the robot). Even after all these years, I still haven’t gotten around to playing Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters, the Game Boy release I’ve always wanted to play. Perhaps I never will.

However, I will be picking up a couple of these iconic Beepboy NFTs. The creator(s) did a fantastic job of capturing the authentic color palettes and ambiance. In my opinion, pixel art works best when it successfully evokes the feeling one derives from playing (or the memory of playing) classic 8 and 16 bit games. In that sense, these Beepboys are on point and make the perfect portable companions. There’s more to these Beeps than meets the eye though. Apparently, Beepboy holders who join the collections Discord channel sometimes have the opportunity to obtain Beepboy chips to exchange for rare Beepboy palettes. There are other perks and rewards as well, but personally I’m fine with owning them just for the art and psychological satisfaction.

Imagine one day when you’re out and about browsing the empty shelves at Target, peering into your Pera Wallet and seeing one of these Beepboys stashed away in there. Instantly you’re transported to Kirby’s Dream Land, with its sparkling stars and carefree atmosphere. Who could pass that up kind of enchanting experience?

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