Cheap Thrills With ProtonSpin, the Nifty New Prize Wheel From ProtonIND

If you’re like me, whenever you’re presented with a list of Proton block producers to choose from in WebAuth, you typically just pick the ones with cool or legit sounding names. It doesn’t seem to really make a difference whom you select, after all, since your choice doesn’t impact your staking rewards one way or the other. However, your vote certainly does matter to the block producers. Those block producers with the highest number of votes receive the highest block rewards.

I frequently see Proton block producers on Twitter asking people from the community to vote for them, but rarely do they offer anything tangible as an enticement. That’s what’s so vitalizing about India-based block producer ProtonIND’s newly introduced game, ProtonSpin. To call it a “game” might be a bit of a stretch. ProtonSpin is really just a carnival-style prize wheel you spin for a chance to win a few XPR coins, an NFT, etc. (That’s not to say it doesn’t provide its fair share of cheap thrills though.) As of this writing, people can connect their wallet and receive one spin once per day. If you vote for ProtonIND as a block producer though, you can receive three spins per day! These ProtonSpin “spins” are received in the form of a SPIN token, which at this time cannot be bought or sold. They can only be given out by the BP and used to spin the wheel.

Finally, we have some real incentives! It’s about time these BPs started throwing us a few wads of cotton candy in exchange for our votes, offering us some reason to support them besides the fact that they’re nice guys on social media or whatever. How much can you win on ProtonSpin? Not much, but whatever you do win is essentially free, and it’s better than nothing. It’s basically free money. So far out of about 30 spins, I’ve pocketed a couple of hundred XPR. I have to admit that ProtonSpin is surprisingly addictive for what it is. I actually look forward to spinning this nifty little prize wheel every day now, and I definitely recommend giving it a whirl. ProtonIND definitely has my vote, for what it’s worth.

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