People Are Finally Getting Jupiter-Pilled ($JUP)

“Earth people, New York and California. Earth people, I was born on Jupiter.” – Dr. Octagon

The first time I can recall noticing Jupiter ($JUP) Project was a year or two ago when I was scanning for random “space themed” cryptocurrencies that seemed marketable. Some of the coins I was looking at back then like Callisto Network ($CLO) are still active and doing fairly well, while others such as Uranus ($URAC) seem to have been completely abandoned.

I had forgotten about Jupiter until recently, when I randomly spotted the token while scrolling through Trust Wallet and decided to dig further into it. When I did, I immediately regretted not having paid more attention to it these last couple of years. If I had, perhaps I would have just gotten into Jupiter maximalism and called it a day. Anyway, I hope I’m not too late to the party. There is just so much action going on here.

First off, this isn’t just another dime-a-dozen ERC-20 token. There’s actually a mini-empire materializing here, and Jupiter has strategically set up their own convenient gateway swaps, which allow holders to easily switch between Jupiter’s ERC, BSC and Mainnet coins. This offers a lot of versatility in terms of usage, since people aren’t really blockchain-limited to any particular crypto sphere or ecosystem.

2021 has been a productive year for team Jupiter. They recently launched their own NFT marketplace platform, Leda. Note that on Jupiter NFTs are referred to as Singleton Asset Tokens. While Leda is not exactly a household name like OpenSea, there’s already loads of inventory and consistent activity on the site. Also, like everything this project seems to put out, the branding, functionality and aesthetics are on point.

Another product which is currently in the process of being released is Metis Messenger, a privacy focused chat app that will soon be live on the iPhone app store. (It has already been approved but is currently being “soft-launched” in order to conduct some final testing.) According to the Metis product page on Jupiter’s site:

Utilizing Jupiter’s blockchain, Metis can provide a fully encrypted, decentralized chatting service. Through JSON formatting and our military-grade encryption, the Metis application can secure every single message on the platform.

The term “military grade encryption” probably isn’t just a marketing buzz phrase here, as founder Steven Grove actually has a military background. Among other things, he served in a number of IT and security related capacities in the US Army:

-Chief, Service Design
-S6 (Communications Chief)
-Systems Administrator

If his descriptions of the work he was involved in (while he held those positions) are accurate, this guy definitely is an expert in this field. Let’s just hope he’s not still working on behalf of the military. In any event, Metis will utilize Jupiter tokens and promises to be free of “annoying ads, data mining, and AI listening.”

Jupiter refers to itself as “the people’s blockchain.” Most of their offerings seem centered around privacy, security and decentralization. I wonder if Jupiter has ever considered becoming a member of the BPSAA (Blockchain Privacy,Security & Adoption Alliance). They seem like they could potentially fit right in there along with projects like Sentinel ($DVPN).

I’m not the first person to notice this, but I have to say it’s impressive how prolific Jupiter has been in cranking out new products. They’ve consistently been hitting deadlines on their roadmap. There’s clearly a lot of discipline on this team and they must have a great work ethic, which is more than can be said for 90% of crypto projects. Jupiter is one of the more promising and substantive crypto endeavors I’ve looked at in recent memory. So many people have been distracted lately by useless meme coins and dubious “yield farming” DeFi schemes, they are not even noticing the gargantuan planetary potential of projects like Jupiter on the horizon. As astrologers have noted, Jupiter has just entered Pisces and will remain there until July 28. Some have speculated this would stimulate a spiritual awakening. Will you be paying attention? Will you be ready?

Disclaimer: none of this is financial advice. Do your own research. I just write about and invest in projects (yes, I do hold a small bag of $JUP) that I think are cool or interesting to me personally.

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