Cherub Fields – The Angelic NFT Collection That’s Recapturing Crypto’s Lost Innocence

The recent calamity in the markets, the ceaseless vulgarity of discourse, the phishing scammers, the soulless botnets, the shell corporations, and the rug pulls have all taken their toll on the crypto community recently. Minted in such precarious conditions, a delicate, sensitive and heartwarming NFT project like Cherub Fields might seem too pure for our cruel world. Perhaps we don’t even deserve the blessed vessels of kindness looking out for our well being. However, as George Bailey once discovered in the wholesome Christmas classic It’s a Wonderful Life, angels have a funny way of showing up just when people seem to have lost hope.

The Cherub Fields collection describes itself as “1,111 unique NFT angels waiting to protect you.” Each angel is subtly unique in its appearance. There are also variable degrees of rarity for these NFTs. The rarest are the elusive “golden angels,” of which there are only 5 in existence. In addition to their protective quality, these golden angels are rumored to “bring fortune to their holders.”

Aesthetically, these Cherub Fields NFTs are pristine, each one beaming with its own distinctive serenity. They remind me a bit of those porcelain “Precious Moments” figurines that girls I knew used to collect and keep in glass cases. The clean and relatively simplistic designs of Cherub Fields friends successfully convey a sense of childlike innocence and good will. The colors are soft, rich and visually pleasing, yet thematically consistent.

Many NFTs are sought primarily for their potential to appreciate in monetary value, which is fine. With its robust community, that potential certainly exists for Cherub Fields. There are already an impressive 241 owners on OpenSea, and the project’s Discord is brimming with enthusiastic activity. What distinguishes Cherub Fields from so many mere “NFT collectibles” though is that it incorporates a spiritual component. At the end of the day, would you rather trust your fate to an apathetic monkey, or havea guardian angel in the web-dimensional ether on your side to offer comforting sentiments and help you navigate through these turbulent times?

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