New Sqwid on the Block – A Brief Look at Reef’s First NFT Marketplace

I’ve been on the lookout for another place to mint a collection of NFTs. I generally prefer non-ETH chains, not just to avoid gas fees but because most of the marketplaces on ETH are already piled sky high with NFTs that it’s almost impossible to stand out. Reef Chain has been on my radar for a while. I remember being intrigued by it initially back when it was known as Reef Finance. Well, Reef is a mini-empire now and is listed on an exhaustive number of (exchanges, including megaliths like Binance).

Sqwid appears to be the first NFT marketplace on Reef, and I have to say that I really love the look of it and the simple, user-friendly interface. No drama really, you basically just connect your Reef browser extension wallet and start shopping around the app. Interestingly, Sqwid has raffles in addition to the standard marketplace sales and auctions. They also have a “Loan” section that is in development but not active quite yet.

why send away for Sea Monkeys when you could have this handsome squid pet!

As far as the art, I’m actually impressed by the selection. There’s a healthy variety of artistic styles and some genuinely unique pieces. You won’t just find boring, third rate copies/spinoffs of ape and punk collections that you see everywhere else. My favorite collection on here is “Squid Pets.” Listed at prices of 500,000 to 1,000,000 REEF, these thematically appropriate NFTs are a tad on the expensive side. Let’s not kid ourselves though, these sea creatures are something special, and may even be considered a delicacy in some countries. If you’re feeling lucky, it looks like it’s possible to win one of these bad boys, “Squiggles,” in a raffle. There are also a lot of other NFT collections on Sqwid that caught my eye, such as the exotically appealing, Lights on Dark. There’s even a Reef Graffiti Collection if that’s your jam.

After experimenting for quite a while, the only suggestion I would have for Sqwid from a user’s perspective is to perhaps refine the search feature to make it easier to search for NFTs. Being able to search by title or description would make finding the kinds of NFTs I’m looking for slightly easier, since collection names or usernames don’t necessarily reveal much about the actual art itself.

I’m honestly enthusiastic about minting some NFTs on Sqwid. There’s already a nifty little community, and I could see this marketplace becoming a powerhouse due to its catchy name and its prominent visibility within Reef Chain’s ecosystem. It sure would be nice to get an NFT collection in on the ground floor or “seabed” of this deliciously aquatic application.

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