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Loner Clones, a New NFT Collection on Cardano

Loners of the world, unite! Loner Clones is a new NFT collection on Cardano that features various types of “loners” in all their retro-pixelated glory. These were not generated but “drawn” individually on a 32×32 grid. There are only 13 available. Collect them all. View Loner Clones on Cardano’s NFT marketplace, JPG.store

New Sqwid on the Block – A Brief Look at Reef’s First NFT Marketplace

I’ve been on the lookout for another place to mint a collection of NFTs. I generally prefer non-ETH chains, not just to avoid gas fees but because most of the marketplaces on ETH are already piled sky high with NFTs that it’s almost impossible to stand out. Reef Chain has been on my radar for …